sunday of silence ! 脱原発国会大包囲によせて

on this sunday 29. july it will be the biggest
demonstration in tokyo around the house of parliament, against re-starting Nuclear Power Plant.

we also want to have the time to think together here in berlin.
based on the idea of a zen priest who is living in berlin we try to share the silence from 12:00 to 12:05 all over the world.
… it means, we will do nothing to feel the breath and every small things from our daily life, which everybody does equally.
each of us might have different thoughts and opinions. despite that we can understand each other. it’s quite simple and normal.
just come withouot tension or difficulties.

we wiil then heve lunch after that, and watch a german documentary film. it will be nice if you could bring something to eat, but if you have nothing to bring with, it’s also OK!

11:00〜 Screening / Demo in tokyo

12:00〜 Time for Silence

14:00〜 Screening / Das Schönauer Gefühl (2008)
it’s a film about this private power company established by the citizens after Chernobyl.



11:00〜 国会前からのデモ中継上映

12:00〜 沈黙

14:00〜 シェーナウの思い (2008)上映


see more detail—-


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